An introduction to the future of AI in Mental Health

Decision Support System

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NexusMentis is a unique start-up in the pre-seed phase that works as a decision-support recommendation system for doctors through its Smart Pharmacy and Diagnostics tool. Based on Artificial Intelligence algorithms, the solution assists physicians in making the best decision for their patients by considering drug compatibility, pre-existing conditions, patients’ response to treatment, and well-being. It enables doctors to connect to patients should their well-being decline through system alerts.

We aim to bring data-backed decisions in healthcare and reduce timelines so that a patient reaches optimal treatment through our advanced proprietary algorithm and AI.


NexusMentis provides:

An integrated interface for doctors stores all the patient's records, keeps the doctor’s schedule, and gives advanced prescriptions recommendations and possible diagnostics


The algorithms learn from patient’s data entries and doctor’s decisions and makes recommendations based on the use of anonymous data on similar diagnoses


A mobile app for the patients offers daily surveys on the patient’s state and all reminder notifications, recommends meditation, breathing exercises, etc.


An app integrated with the doctor’s interface to monitor the patient’s well-being and response to medication


The app feeds the data to the interface through a secure gateway which will be encrypted and stored on the cloud


The doctor makes the final decision based on NexusMentis recommendations


AI-Based Platform

Advanced Al algorithms and Big Data processing are the basis of the NexusMentis recommendation engine. The expert system analyses millions of combinations and offers the best matching treatment from the knowledge base.


Considers the patient’s profile, history, daily data inputs in the app, other prescriptions, and patient preferences.


All recommendations are made by AI algorithms based on the experience and knowledge of professional doctors and scientific researches.


Makes recommendations whilst considering anonymous data on users with similar profiles, treatment responses and preferences.


Analyses data in real-time to give recommendations during a doctor’s appointment.


Compatibility and incompatibility of previous medications, or comorbidities medications are included. By using the patients’ app and mood tracker, patients will ensure receiving a more accurate treatment as per their daily response to medications.

Recommendation Engine

The algorithms used include:

Collaborative Filtering

The system determines a user profile and recommends medications used by patients with similar profiles that show the best results.

Factorization Machines

Search for correlations between user attributes and products on a considerable amount of sparse data.

Regression Algorithms

Like Bayes / DecisionTree / Support Vector Machine: for predicting a probability of a specific effect by a chosen user.


An integrated view of patients’ data. If a patient should move to another psychiatrist, access to the patient’s profile will be provided automatically.

Saved time for finding the proper medication and reduced number of inappropriate prescriptions are key.

Machine learning algorithms enable doctors to have precise data and statistics behind their decisions.

Doctors benefit from learning from their colleagues dealing with similar cases.

Health Authority will have a clear view of medications prescribed and overall statistics on population well-being and conditions prevalence.

Contact Us

NexusMentis has successfully passed the Proof-of- Concept stage. We are looking for experts to advance the platform and investors to continue the algorithm development and launch the product to market.

If you are an expert or an investor willing to contribute to people’s health and well-being, please leave your contact details here, and we will be delighted to talk. Or feel free to reach out to us through

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